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Best Popular Locknowi Dishes

Locknowi Dishes are unit belong Nawabs could be a heaven for foodies. The Nawabs of Awadh contributed vastly within the growth of the city’s cooking culture. The terribly reason why the Lucknowi or the Awadhi culinary art is thus widespread is that the indisputable fact that the standard locknowi dishes of town have a royal flavour, that has been passed on since ages! there’s one thing within the air of this splendid town, that is cherish its aglitter past glory that hangs around even these days in sort of the heritage that defines its culture. the instant you enter town, the primary factor that accosts you is that the hypnotic aroma of cooked food. The tortuous by lanes of Lucknow area unit hot locknowi dishes of ancient food that has stood the ravages of your time and has managed to retain its legitimacy. Many most popular locknowi dishes are likes lucknowi biryani , lucknowi korma, lucknowi kabab,lucknowi tunda kabab

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